I began working with Professor Christopher Clark in the Lab for Autonomous and Intelligent Robotics (LAIR) in the fall of my sophomore year as a member of the Shark Tracking team. 

The LAIR has over 10 student researchers working on four major projects and several individual topics. When I joined, the Shark Tracking team consisted of two other Mudd students (Yukun Lin and Hannah Kastein) and me. Since then, Richard Piersall and Rowan Zellers have joined the team while Hannah has left.
The LAIR team during the summer of 2013. Prof Clark is at the far right.

This project is described briefly on the LAIR Projects page (click on AUV Shark Tracking on the left hand side). For an idea of where the project stood before I joined on, check out this abc7 News story about a test-deployment to Catalina Island the summer before I joined on. To see what was going on in the LAIR in the summer of 2013, check out this post on the HMC admissions blog. One of our Catalina field deployments during the summer was written up by the Orange County Register.

For an more in-depth description of the project, check out the Overview page.

My main job on the team is improving the control algorithms: we have software running on the robot telling it where to go to find the sharks - I'm responsible for making that software smarter and more efficient. In addition to that, I work to improve the hardware on the robots. For more information on each of these, check out the software and hardware pages respectively. 

One of the awesome things about this project is getting up close and personal with a lot of sharks. The below video is a compilation of some of the footage we captured at Catalina Island in the summer of 2013.