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HMC Machine Shop

posted Jan 2, 2014, 12:49 PM by Taylor Peterson   [ updated May 20, 2015, 9:39 PM ]

I started working as a proctor in Harvey Mudd's machine shop the spring of my sophomore year. In this role, I was responsible for supervising non-proctors and ensuring safe practices, cleanliness, and proper use of all machines.

Mudd's Machine Shop - I'm in the apron on the left. 

In the summer after my sophomore year, I became an Associate Head Shop Proctor (i.e. a student assistant manager of the machine shop). In this capacity, I worked with Sean Messenger (the other AHSP), James Best and Jason Bluhm (Head Shop Proctors), Paul Stovall (Shop Manager), Prof Gokli (E4 Instructor), and Prof Spjut (Clinic Director) to organize the staffing and operation of Mudd's machine shop. 

I was promoted to Head Shop Proctor after the end of my junior year and continued working to improve the shop with Sean Messenger, Paul Stovall, Prof Gokli, Prof Spjut, and our AHSPs - Richard Piersall and Suzy Kim. One of the biggest things I was focusing on was institutionalizing our changes so that the shop continues to improve. 

This process of improving the machine shop has been and ongoing project that I was heavily involved in. To see what got the project started, check out Shop Reform. For pretty pictures and an idea of how much has changed once Sean and I got involved, take a look at Shop OrganizationProf Hammer is a fun project Sean and I ran over the summer after our sophomore year to get professors of all departments in the machine shop.